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About Wags N Walks

Our Human Family

Consists of my Hubby & Myself our 2 Children.

We decided my life long love to help, rescue & care for animals would be a great way to help support our family. 

As a family we really enjoy the outdoors, we do our best to conserve and appreciate nature and all types of animals. 

We are happy to say, my love, compassion & appreciation for all creatures & nature has rubbed off on my children and husband.

Our Very Own Fur-Babies

Below are my our very own, very spoiled fur-babies


Hercules is 9 years old his birthday is November 29th. He is a small cream, Lhasa Apso who loves to be by Moms side at all times. He is very loving & loves to lick a lot. His nickname is Hercu-licks because if he's sitting,lying, or wants your attention he will lick you until you acknowledge he's there. He has great hearing and is our little alarm if strangers are approaching. He's a wonderful dog and an asset to our family.

Sinbad "The Sailor"

Sinbad "the Sailor" is almost 7 years old. Our vet says he's a Tabby Cat. We are not sure of his birthday so we usually celebrate it in April. Sinbad is a rescue kitty. One day a few years ago the neighborhood children heard a kitty crying, when they searched they found him just a few weeks old stuck in a window well of someones basement in the townhomes near where we lived. They asked all the surrounding residents if knew of him and nobody knew where he came from.  Neighbors said they heard him crying for a couple of days but didn't look for him :(.  So the neighborhood children then brought him to MEEE, of course.  Sinbad has been a part of our family every since. Something interesting about Sinbad is that he's always sucked on his tail like a "pacifire" to go to sleep. He's done this ever since he was a kitten and he still does. He's really a  neat character we just love that guy!

Bishop "Einstein"

Bishop Einstein" is 5 1/2 yrs old. His birthday is in the first week of November. He is a boarder collie mix. We got Bishop from Wallmart,  I know that sounds funny but, one Christmas Eve we were going to see if Wallmart had any trees left, snow was lightly falling & when we drove by the front entrance I spotted a man standing by the door with a little puppy face peaking out of his coat. I asked my hubby to turn around we went back & found Bishop was the last of 7 puppies this stranger was giving away. The vet said he was about 7-8 weeks at the time. He is wonderful, he is VERY smart, loves to out run other dogs, he knows almost 10 tricks & was VERY easy to train.  Saying Bishop is "very smart" is an understatement. He's an awesome doggie!  

Leonitus "Leo"

Our Newest addition to our pack is Leonitus the Great.  He's a very large black kitty 17.8 lbs. He's a wonderful rescue kitty from Every Creature Counts (no Kill shelter), he just called out to me from behind the glass. He looked at me and later walked right to me as I was speaking to a volunteer , and jumped up & sat on my lap, from then on he was my pal. He is an awesome kitty, we are not positive how old he is, I understand he may be 13 years old now. His hind feet are 4 inches long, His body when picking him up is about 3 feet long or more. He's Large!  He loves to play with toys, he loves to cuddle and kneed wherever you put him. He has a small patch of white on his tummy and very long black hair,  he stands taller than herculese our dog and shorter than bishop our other dog.  His eyes are a beautiful yellow-green and he has the softest voice you've ever heard.  I understand he spend a good part of his last year in a cage/ behind glass awaiting for someone to adopt him. He fits in quite well with our other furry friends. He's such a large cat and so gentle at the same time.  We welcome our new pal, we are so happy we've got this chance to show him how a loved pet should be treated.

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