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Franktown Pet Ranch 24hr Care +Daycare +Grooming

Exclusive Pet Ranch 24 hour Care *

A Staycation for your furry Family Members while your away

*prices subject to change, a 6 % admin fee will be applied to all services, also space is limited please book in advance to reserve your pet's Zen space.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Franktown Pet Ranch!

Pet Ranch Staycation

(All-inclusive, Custom Care, COMPLEMENTARY BATH,  daily exercise based upon your pet's activity level and age )*

All-inclusive, customizable 24hour on-site care with private doggie and kitty apartments. 


Pricing per 24-hour (can be pro-rated to 12 hrs. on start/end dates)

  • $64.50 = $32.25 for Day+ 32.25 for Night -for the first doggie

  • $33 =$16.50 for Day + $16.50 -for the 2nd doggie (discount 50%) 

  • $33 =$16.50 for Day + $16.50 -for the 3rd doggie (discount  50%)

  • $17 - for each kitty after doggies



Kitty Coral per 24-hour (can be pro-rated to 12 hrs. on start/end dates)

  • $25.99 = $12.99 day + $12.99 night -for the 1st kitty

  • $17 = $8.50 day + $8.50 night  - for each additional kitty 

    • Each kitty corral has a litter box (we use Pretty Kitty Litter or Low Dust Arm & Hammer, your choice)

    • Each Suite has lounging space for 1 Cat + 1 litter box and feeding bowls, scratch post, feather toy


Pet Taxi: We'll happily coordinate pickup/drop off with your arrival/departure

  • $30 one-way transportation to/from your home

  • $50 round-trip transportation to/from your home

  • $40 one-way transportation to/from your home (50+miles)

  • $60 round-trip  transportation to/from your home (50+miles)

  • $0- FREE bath (wet or dry) shampoo for each guest, each booking!

  • $0- FREE Pictures and Video messages are sent to you at no charge at your request!

What an awesome service! We offer a Pickup and Drop off Pet Taxi, at a convenient time so you don't have to rush to get home to drop them off or straight from the airport to pick up your pets, they'll already be home waiting to greet and welcome you home. :)

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