Dog Grooming


What you can expect while your fur-babies are visiting our brand NEW Grooming Salon & Spa

Our Grooming Salon is always clean and sanitary. We surround your pets with calming fresh pet safe aromatherapy to help your pet feel calm & Zen while being groomed. Your pet's can also enjoy Doggie TV while they are drying and waiting for their Groom's

Our professional groomers love your pet like their own and handle each of your fur-babies with kindness and care. We take our time to avoid causing any stress on your furry family members. 

Each Grooming Appointment will include : 

  • A FREE Evaluation (5min)

  • A Full body Wash with high quality Shampoo

    • (Hypoallergenic Shampoo if needed No extra charge) 

  • Blow Dry, Air Dry or Hand Dry

    • (depending on if your pet is afraid of the dryer)

  • Nails Cut 

  • An Ear Cleaning

  • A Sanitary Trim

  • You will also receive an email/text report card to inform you of how your fur-baby acted, reacted, condition of their coat and our professional recommendations to help keep your fur-baby's coat in SUPERB CONDITION!  

  • We also have plenty of extra's you can add to your Fur-baby's spa experience.  Please feel free to indicate what service(s) you'd like when you are booking. 

If you'd like to book with us, please feel free to click the button below and we will be sure to email or call with a time & price quote. 

We look forward to seeing your fur-babies soon!