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Luxury Overnights

Per Night $149.99 (3 pets -includes additional small pets)

Included with Overnight (additional small pets list)

  • +rabbit,exotic bird,ferret (cage/care) 

  • + small bird,rodent,or reptile (cage/care)  

  • + small fish tank/feed,pond feeding 


Per Visit~ for each additional family member (after the 3 initial pets)

  • + additional Doggie $9.49 

  • + additional Kitty $8.49 

  • + Salt Water Fish (incl Tank Care) $11.99 


The Ideal alternative to leaving your darlings in a kennel. Your special family members can be in the comfort of their own home with a loving caretaker to keep them company. Depending on your pet(s) specific needs, each night is based upon a 10 hour interval, NEW! video feed available, Multi -texts and pics included, Filtered water & special Free treats etc etc.. 100% customized pampering to your darling(s) special needs. 

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